Pilgrim's staff help

The pilgrimage is considered complete when you have spent at 3 hours on 10 different places. You can check how many places you've already completed  in the menu or with the rings on your pilgrim's staff.
You will get a bronze ring for each place you visited for at least 3 hours.
3 places for a silver and a gold ring for 10 places.
Ex: for a staff with a gold ring, two silver rings and a bronze ring (1x10 +2 x3 +1) the player has visited 17 locations and is already Peregrinus, cos he has visited more than 10 places.

Staff menu
You will get the main menu by clicking on the staff.
Exit menu by clicking on the button [Abort] to close the listener and avoid lag.
Menu buttons have the following functions:
Main menu:

Help – gives you a nc
Places – opens the places menu
Info  -  Provides an overview of your status, route, and language and the number of places you already visited and  you've already finished.
It also counts no longer existing places.
Furthermore shows the place where you are and how long have you been there.
Options – get you the options menu

Places menu

All – shows all active places
Missing – active places you didn t spend 3 hours on wearing the staff
Finished – your finished places you spent more than 3 hours on, even if the place does no longer exist
Clicking on one of the three buttons will open another menu where you get the places and their infos.
There are two more buttons [Landmark] and [map] if the place can  be visited.
Click on Landmark to get the LM of the place. Click on [Map] to open the map and show the place. You can teleport directly via maptp.

Options menu
Route - Only available if you joined several routes. You can easily switch between them.
Language – Only available if more than one language is available, You can easily switch between them
Update – Does what it says
Reset – Resets the scripts in the staff, happens every time you log into Second Life or attach the staff