Pilgrim table help

The placename doesn’t have to  be the SIM name. The name must not be longer than 20 characters.
In addition you have to set the landing point as a SURL and a language.
Both can be changed subsequently by the table owner. The language must be prepared in the table. Right now permissible languages are DEU (german) and ENG.
Furthermore, additional table managers can be created by the table owner.
Each additional manager requires its own line. Managers have access to  the table menu when clicking on the table and can change settings.

Settings are case-sensitive!!
For example:
Route=English Gor
Manager=Karl Dall
Manager=Susi Sorglos


Managers get the table menu by clicking on the table.
Close the menu by using the button [Abort]  to disabled the menu listener and  avoiding additional load on your SIM.
Listener will turn off itself after three minutes in case of leaving the menu by simply closing it.

Manager menu buttons:
[Options] – opens the options menu
[Help] – gives out a help NC
[Admins] – Lists the route admins, please contact one of them in case of a problem
[Managers] – Lists the managers. These are the table owner and persons entitled in the nc “tableinit”
[Pilgirims menu] – opens the pilgrims menu


Options menu buttons

[Update ST1] – gives you an updater to get the latest update
[Update ST2] – place the updater near the table and  press the “Update ST2” button, check the blue menu if an update is necessary
[Set offline] – set the table offline, sim is no longer listed in the staff menu. Use it for simmaintenance.
[Set online]  – does what it says
[Restart]  – use it for debugging

In case the table is removed from the SIM without setting it offline before, it will be automatically set to offline after 24 hours.
Table will send a warning to owners and managers in case it is removed not properly  from the sim, first time after 12 hours, than one time each 4 hours, so max 3x a day.

For questions or problems, contact rout managers and admins listed in the menu.

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