Your journey will take you through many places, through forests and sometimes you ll have to find a small camp or another accommodation for the night. The staff takes you to the places alongside the pilgrimage route. In most places you ll be most welcome but not in all …


Beside the roleplay background offers the pilgrimage some quite good oppertunities for sim owners and players .
Based on the idea of the pilgrimage players can get to know other  people  and new SIMs.

New players have the opportunity to look at lots of places before deciding on where they will play in the future.
SIM owners and city leaders get the opportunity to present "their" cities and regions.
Pilgrims travel to new places and get to know with local players. Give them a warm welcome to raise  the popularity your own place.
Some cities that offers accommodations for the night for the pilgrims, city tours and invite them to report themselves at the tavern or at the campfire about their journey.
TheSecond Life group “ pilgrimage to the Sardar  mountain” is a platform on which pilgrims can exchange  their positive and negative experiences and Sim owners can get a fee back of their sim.
Furthermore the group is the first hand resource for infos about Peregrinus ceremonies, new sims in the route or technical changes.


Pilgrim's staff help

The pilgrimage is considered complete when you have spent at 3 hours on 10 different places. You can check how many places you've already completed  in the menu or with the rings on your pilgrim's staff.
You will get a bronze ring for each place you visited for at least 3 hours.
3 places for a silver and a gold ring for 10 places.
Ex: for a staff with a gold ring, two silver rings and a bronze ring (1x10 +2 x3 +1) the player has visited 17 locations and is already Peregrinus, cos he has visited more than 10 places.


Pilgrim table help

The placename doesn’t have to  be the SIM name. The name must not be longer than 20 characters.
In addition you have to set the landing point as a SURL and a language.
Both can be changed subsequently by the table owner. The language must be prepared in the table. Right now permissible languages are DEU (german) and ENG.
Furthermore, additional table managers can be created by the table owner.
Each additional manager requires its own line. Managers have access to  the table menu when clicking on the table and can change settings.