Pilgrimage Overview

Time per Place
How much time did the Pilgrims spent in the places

German Gor English Gor
Place Time
Oase der Vier Palmen6162 h. 22 min.
Thassaland/Suedland Handelsposten2691 h. 30 min.
Fellglanz4362 h. 10 min.
Belnend8086 h. 47 min.
Wood Island [GE]420597 h. 20 min.
Forest of Asgard [BTB]1640 h. 58 min.
Sagheerah819 h. 29 min.
Academy of Gor3842 h. 13 min.
The Oasis of Sand Sleen229 h. 31 min.
Hrimgar241 h. 31 min.
Wood Island III200 h. 4 min.
Handelsstadt Rovere390 h. 28 min.
Talmont249 h. 36 min.
The Lost Ruins of Schendi434 h. 55 min.
Suedland: Midgard103 h. 50 min.
Place Time
Tarnwald143 h. 27 min.