Pilgrimage Overview

Time per Place
How much time did the Pilgrims spent in the places

German Gor English Gor
Place Time
Oase der Vier Palmen6536 h. 1 min.
Thassaland/Suedland Handelsposten2932 h. 11 min.
Fellglanz4613 h. 40 min.
Belnend458301 h. 17 min.
Wood Island [GE]421317 h. 8 min.
Forest of Asgard [BTB]1789 h. 48 min.
Sagheerah1313 h. 8 min.
The Oasis of Sand Sleen308 h. 19 min.
Hrimgar357 h. 20 min.
The Lost Ruins of Schendi2129 h. 12 min.
Handelstadt Rovere186 h. 13 min.
The Isle of Helenos107 h. 57 min.
Dorf Fjell155 h. 5 min.
Isfahan23 h. 20 min.
Place Time