The English route was closed for lack of interest

The english pilgrim route can be closed

At the moment only 12 Sims are member of the english pilgrimage route.
To finish the journey, player must have visited 10 places.
If the english route have less then 10 places, this isn't possible.

I will close the english route in this case
Harald Planer

The pilgrimage in gorean SecondLife

Welcome at the pilgrimage

The pilgrimage is a thrilling idea for role playing in Second Life Gor, it is the role play background itself and is a way for pilgrims to explore the amazing and wild world of Gor more or less in safty.
Pilgrims to the Sardar mountains have to endure endless journeys, have to travel through dangerous regions and visit a lot of cities, villages and camps.
The pilgrimage is not only an idea for the pilgrims, it also enriches the entire world of SL Gor. The pilgrims need board and lodging, sometimes medical treatment.
They are tired and exhausted from their journey and often a simple tavern or bath house is fortitude.
Go !!! join the adventure, it will change your life if you survive.

Registration on the Pilgrim Homepage

Because it sometimes comes to misunderstandings, here are some tips for the registration on the pilgrim homepage.

It is important that you use your SL-Avatar verification as the username.



Please register with your full Second Life name Use. Only then can you see after verify your personal data pilgrims. You should NOT use your SL password here.

If you do not receive a confirmation e-mail, send a short message to @ Haron.Strom I turn you then "manually" free