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THEMA: Pilgrimage Report from KDara Darkward

Pilgrimage Report from KDara Darkward 11 Jahre, 5 Monate her #15

I am K'Dara the Daughter of a Panther and a Trader Admiral. The most time at my Life i travel arround of Gor. No Place was really able to keep me more than it was needet. Now i want tell you my Experience at my Pilgrimage:

My start was easy and i wents to the Pilgrimage table to subscribe me and got my Staff. Sand Sleen and Nine Wells are lovely Places and the Residents are really nice. Unfortunale really quiet. I hope for them it will change one Day.

My second Stop was at Ianda. A wonderfull City and they residents was happy to see a wandering Musician at her Pilgrimage. So i was longer than just the Pilgrimage time there. at my First Day i was bathing but the slavegirl take my Clothes to far so i was forced to sit insite and wait. I shouts after a second Girl and a FW came to take me some new Clothes from her. Later i heard from her she its the inn keeper. she invite me to sleep there free if i play some songs for the other guets. i was happy and did it gladfull.
At the second Day a new Warrior was arrived. we all was sit at the pillows and they talked abouth something. i was also there to play my Instruments. in the middle of a smal talk stands the new warrior up, walks to one of the womans and grabs her breast. we all was shocked and i run direkt to the Ubar to report it. my good mood was gone and i left the City but not whit a bad feeling for the Residents. They was all really Nice.

My traveling leads me to the Village of Shiga. at my way to the Village, i meet the High Initiate of there. He was a wise man and invite me to his Temple. Of course i was follow him. He showed me arround at his Temple and all public Places where i am allowed to see. We talked abouth my Life as a Traveling Musician and he was really Intrestet. After my Story he asked me to Play some songs to praise the Gods and of couse i take my Instruments out and play at the temple for him and the Gods. The Initiate was really Happy. After my Songs he wents to me and beg me to drop my Knees respectfull for the Gods. I did it and he put his hands at my Head to bless me for the next Places. My heart beats fast and as i was traveling, i look from the Ship back to shiga whit a warm feeling

The next stop i had at Alyna Village. A really smal but Lovely Place. *The Sons of the Dragons* how they call themself life there. As i arrived i wents to the Village and the Village Jarl self opened the Gate and leads me in. He invite me at the Fire where his Berserker rest. the Berserker dont like Music at all and left the fire to hunt. The Slaves, the Free Womans and the most other warriors like it and as i starts to play they stand up to Dance. Never i can forget this Scene... Almost the full Village was Dancing in the Longhall... also the Village jarl he was stand at the Longtable to Dance. it was a pleasure to play my Instruments for them. This Village its one of the rare Places where it its worth to go there and my way leads me some Day after again there. Allways as i arrived, the welcome me really warm... of course not his Berserker *laughs* but the Village Jarl adopted me as his niece.

a bit Hurt from my Traveling i arrived some Day's later at La Torvis. Unfortunaly also a quite Place. so i was wandering across the Land. Sweet, small but nice but quiet so i travel away as my time there was over.

Whit my Wounds i arrived at Kamba. I was tired and Huer so i sit at the beach and play my Instruments for calm myself. Short time as i start to play a warrior was come closer but i was attcked by some warriors and afrait he would attack me also. But he was nice and respect the distance. After the Warrior, one of the Huntresses there come closer to me and as she saw my wounds, she asked me what its happens, I told her the story and she wents pissed. She call some of her sisters to carrie me to they Camp. The Huntress was the En of this tribe and run arround to wake her shaman up. the shaman was grumbly abouth the wake up from her sleep but as she saw my wounds also, she forget her bad morning groubling. As the story find the way across the Tribe, the Huntresses come at they camp and guard me really well. I was forced tolay 3 Day there to recover. i played my Instruments for them and never i was allone there. allways one of the Huntresses was arround to protect me at ths time. My hearts was sad and heavy as i travel from Kamba to the next Place but i retourned allways again there.

My next stop leads me to Imperial Ar. The City its really well buildet, but i dont feel me welcome. Anyway where i was going, they residents avoid me. i tried hard to find some persons for a smaltalk but i was luckless. All what i earn there was Ridicule and scorn. after the time i left Ar and wents back to Alyna. My real Uncle was also there together whit the Vilage Jarl and i told them what happens. Both wents pissed and old me just to rest and they will wants to care this. As i was in the house to sleep i head the Warhorns. a bit worried i sleep in. at the Next Morning i heard what they did. My Uncles and the Berserker travel at Ar and "teach" them a Lesson in respect and steal also a Slavegirl there

Happy thats they revenche me and a bit sad i travel to Rive the bois. Unfortunaly there was also no one and my time thee was just sit at the forest to play my Instruments
Together whit Balnakeil, RarIR City, Port Cos and Port Kar its Rive the Bois a lovely Place and allways a travel worth but a bit quiet.

At Behringa i foud a group of Mercs and they was nice. I felt me well there and they takeme into they list of protectet Persons. Really Good Persons!!

my Steps leads me to Tabor. a Huge place whit a lot of great and wonderfull Residents. Unfortunaly i was to the wrong time there and the most sleep. But however i was going there, the Persons was happy to see a Wandering Musician and Pilgrim. One of the less places where i would Life maybe one Day.

The Valkyrie Forest. i tought it is a harsh place but no... the Panthers there was really kind and open for the Music. We was sit at the Fire, i play my Instruments and the Huntresses Dance to them. the time at the Valkyrie Forest was one of my Best where i had at my Pilgrimage. i dont did really much there but i Love this Forest. if you dont come in a Agresive way there, they will be kind to you all also and will protect you!
The Neighbor at Tree Moon Valley are also really kind. This places also a travel worth

Port Olni.. a Huge City whit a lovely folk but unfortunaly like my next stops at Hammersgaard, City of Themos and Terra de Luna, was at the wrong time so the most sleeps. i will retourn later again there to visite them.

Caithris... i dont know why the most are afrait of the Ki'Kara Panthers. Of course they are fearless Fighter but really Nice to the pilgrims. They Protect the forest there hard against all Intruders. I head they story and wents a bit sad because it s hard and i will tell you it:
Mother Luq its the last Huntress of the Original tribe where survived. She Lost her Mother and try hard to find her. Her Mother its called Arueil (Arueil Dench) i head early before some Legends abouth her and now i find one of the last Childrens of her. Mother Luq made also some tree houses, Furniture and Weapons in Arueils Name. I will put here the story of her here:
[01.40] Mother Luq (luqara.darkwatch) Our Mother and one of the best bow where Gor even saw. She was the first Mother of the Ki'kara and the best. She was allways kind, fair and had a big hearth for all who need her help. She was the Mother for all Girls where come to her.Please if you find my Mother, tell her i miss her really much and i wont stop to find her.
Whit mixed feelings i left Caithris and the words of the Huntress i wont forget.

my Last travelings leads me to Ven outlands, Badlands and Vulcano. Harsh places but also a traveling worth. I just hope this Travel Report will help you at your own Pilgrimage. make your own Experience and maybe one of this places you will call it one Day as your Home
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